Workers’ Comp Basics for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships can be very busy places with customers coming and going from the showroom, cars leaving and arriving from test drives and vehicles being serviced in the garage bays. With so much happening all the time, it’s understandable that accidents occasionally occur. Clearly, no one wants any sort of injury to happen, but the reality is that they sometimes do. If you don’t have worker’s comp, a bad situation like this can get worse very quickly. Auto dealerships workers’ compensation plans will ensure that your employee and your business will be financially protected in the event of a workplace injury or accident.

This sort of coverage is available not only for car dealerships but for all manner of businesses related to the automotive industry. Gas stations, car washes, garages and repair shops are all eligible for auto dealerships workers’ compensation coverage. This insurance acts in a few very important capacities that you should be aware of. Firstly, it allows any worker who is injured on the job to get the medical care that he or she needs. Secondly, it covers part of the income that worker lost while convalescing from the incident and thirdly, it protects employers from lawsuits in most cases. Without these protections, you not only face serious financial risk, you may even be in contravention of your state’s laws. Look into your coverage options as soon as possible.