What You Need To Know About Cemetery Contamination Coverage

Cemetery Contamination Coverage

Most bereaved family members will not be thinking about what goes into maintaining a cemetery. It is an unfortunate fact that cemeteries carry a lot of liability when it comes tocemetery contamination. For this, you need a highly specialized form of insurance.

What Is Cemetery Contamination?

This is contamination that happens during the normal process of burial. It can come from various sources. These sources include:

  • Coffin breakdown
  • Embalming chemical leakage
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Fertilizers and lawn chemicals

These contaminants are common and do not usually cause a problem, but they can present a significant risk to a cemetery owner in some circumstances. This risk is mitigated by having the proper insurance.

What Is Contaminated?

The primary cause for concern is when a chemical such as a varnish on a coffin or formaldehyde used to embalm bodies leaks into groundwater. This happens when even a small amount of a toxin leaks into groundwater and possibly drinking water. When this happens, it poses a major health risk to the public. Although it is impossible to tell if groundwater contamination will be a problem until it actually happens, you can protect yourself just in case.

Contamination can cost a cemetery thousands in remediation costs. This type of insurance is added protection against unforeseen problems and should be a part of your risk management plan.