What to Consider When Purchasing Insurance for a Microbrewery

Microbreweries are the latest trend among beer lovers–there are more than 3,000 across the United States. Opening your own craft beer shop could be the investment of a lifetime, but only if you have the proper insurance to protect your business.

  1. Beer Contamination Protection – Beer contamination is one of the top three contributors to loss in the microbrewery industry. Even the most skilled staff can make a mistake and cause an entire batch to be unusable. Beer contamination insurance will cover the cost of making the product.
  2. Beer Loss Valuation – If a batch isn’t as popular as expected, you could find yourself having to dispose of quite a lot of beer due to expiration. Beer loss valuation coverage from an insurance agency in Atlanta will reimburse you for some or all of the estimated worth of the beer.
  3. Liquor Liability Insurance – If one of your customers has too much to drink and damages property or injures a person, you could be held liable. These court cases can be quite expensive, but liquor liability insurance will help you cover legal fees and any damages awarded.

In addition to specialized insurance coverage, be sure to budget for property insurance, general liability, and equipment breakdown. An insurance agency in Atlanta can set you on the path to serving up good beer and good times!