What Does Restaurant Liability Insurance Cover?

Restaurant Liability Insurance

Restaurants face many types of liability risks these days. Without proper coverage, your business may not survive costly legal fees. You can save money by purchasing an insurance bundle to protect you against many different claims scenarios.

What Should be Included in a Liability Insurance Bundle?

A restaurant owner must consider many factors when selecting the right insurance package.

1. General Liability Policy

General liability insurance protects against many restaurant risks, including injuries to customers or damages to their property.

2. Completed Operations Insurance

If someone files a claim of food poisoning or another reaction to the food you served, the costs could be insurmountable. Not all hospitality coverage includes this, so you must make sure this consideration is in your policy.

3. Liquor Liability Policy

Many states have laws called “dram shop” that hold your restaurant accountable for injuries, including car accidents, caused by selling alcohol to someone who is visibly intoxicated. If your establishment is sued for an incident related to serving liquor, this liability insurance can help cover your legal fees and settlements.

4. Assault and Battery Protection

If your restaurant has a bar, this coverage should be added to your bundle to protect against injuries and property damages that arise from specific violent acts at your business.

Work with your agent to design a liability package that will protect your establishment from unwanted claims.