What Type of Insurance Coverage Do Non-Profits Need?

Insurance coverage for non-profit organizations and social service agencies can be a much different animal than the insurance plans that other businesses utilize. One example of the complications includes volunteers who are injured or who cause injury during their volunteer work. Another example involves allegations of misconduct on the part of paid or unpaid workers in a social service setting. Because of the unique aspects of these insurance needs, insurance plans such as those from Care Providers are designed specifically to address those needs.


Most businesses have general liability coverage, but social service and non-profit agencies benefit when their policies include coverage for abuse and molestation liability, Blanket Fund Raising event coverage, and coverage for volunteer workers, independent contractors, and employees.


Other forms of coverage needed by non-profits and other service oriented groups include auto liability, excess liability, Directors & Officers Liability, property coverages, and accident policies that cover volunteers and youth.


If the organization is a church, then the specific insurance needs can be even more involved and unique. It is important that these organizations work with insurance providers that understand the complexity of their needs and have professionals who are experienced in delivering the necessary protection.


When non-profits, social service agencies, churches, and other service-oriented groups work through an experienced company such as Care Providers, they can continue providing their good work and services. Making a difference in the community is a goal that most people should appreciate. When working with the right insurance provider, that goal is protected.