Top 3 Ways To Prepare Your Home From Damaging Winter Weather

Winter Weather Home Protection

Summer storms are known for their grand entrance and swift, destructive exit. Winter is a more subtle season, but its destructive forces can be just as perilous for your home. Before the snowy season gets a frosty foothold on the weather, here are three things you can do to proactively protect your home from damaging winter weather.

Roof Inspection

Home insurance companies often recommend their insureds clear gutters and inspect roofs before the winter season to prevent ice damming, the phenomenon caused by snow and ice melting and refreezing on the roof. That expansion of new ice under shingles can lift roofing material and create leaks.

Tree Trimming

Those same trees that shade your patio in the summer and blanket your yard in vibrant fall foliage can become hazards when weighed down with winter ice and snow. Before the first frost sets in, have an arborist trim back any branches that hang over structures or vehicles.

Outdoor Winterizing

Swimming pools, outdoors spigots, and sprinkler systems all need to be drained and properly winterized. Any water left in the systems can freeze, and that expansion causes pipes to burst, sending water into the foundation causing further damage.

Winter weather can be beautiful with its glittering white snowfalls and sparkling ice formations. However, it can also be damaging to your home if you’ve not properly prepared for it.