Three Ways Bartenders Can Help Reduce Sexual Harassment in Their Bars

RMS Hospitality Group

Bartenders can offer a line of defense against sexual harassment in their establishments. Not only does this decrease the claims on the bar & tavern insurance, but it helps make your establishment a safer place to be. Use these top tips to reduce sexual harassment in your bar.

Intervene When Needed

Waiting for a complaint of sexual harassment may be too late for you to intervene. Many people especially women may not ask for help in these situations. Learn when to intervene to protect the patrons in your bar against the unwanted attentions of others.

Know Alcohols Role

Alcohol can increase the chances of assault or sexual harassment in your establishment. As the bartender, you have a unique view of the entire establishment. You can see who comes up to order a drink and whether or not someone looks uncomfortable. The effects of alcohol can make a person an easy target for a rapist looking for their next victim.

Communicate Your Help

The restrooms are a great place to post signs for people that the bartenders are there to help them if needed. The experts at RMS Hospitality Group offers risk management services to help lower liabilities. Further reduce them by offering help when you see something that doesnt look right.

Bar & tavern insurance provides protection for your business should assault happen on the premises. These tips can help you help your patrons combat sexual harassment.