Three Challenges Facing High-Net Worth Individuals

Having wealth comes with different challenges than average income individuals face. When looking for household insurance services in Norwich, there are a few benefits to insuring those valuable assets such as classic cars and luxury homes.


Because high-net-worth individuals have amassed quite a bit of wealth, they often think about insurance differently and may not actually have the coverage they need. Valuable jewelry and classic cars should be insured at their actual market value. Taking the time to make sure you have the insurance coverage should those items be stolen or damaged can save you a major headache down the line.


Many high-net-worth individuals have more than one home. According to, you need an insurance agent who understands your individual needs. Each home needs its own homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the structure and the valuables within.


With greater wealth comes larger risks should something be damaged or someone is hurt on the property. Other individuals may choose to go after you in court to obtain more money beyond that granted by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Umbrella insurance or excess insurance can help protect the financial assets of the individual in these types of situations.
Finding household insurance services in Norwich to meet your high-net-worth needs doesn’t have to be a chore. Talk with someone who specializes in securing your assets.