The Top Trends in Dry Cleaning for 2020

Dry Cleaning

Resilient and relevant industries like dry cleaning must adapt to current customer behaviors and practices. Staying on top of dry cleaning trends can help business owners run more efficient services and maintain or grow their present consumer base. Expect to see the following innovations at the start of 2020.

Convenient Technology

Convenience-focused technology increases accessibility to consumers who may not have cleaning services at their reach. Businesses can use third-party mobile apps to give individuals control over their cleaning preferences, scheduling, and transactions from the comfort of their phones. They can also provide user-based information that can improve future customer service.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainable and efficient methods will always remain popular everywhere, including the dry cleaning industry. From using chemicals with the lowest environmental impact on reducing the use of water and energy, eco-friendly practices benefit the greater world and attract mindful costumers. Additionally, they function as guidelines that help you stay compliant with regulations.

Combined Services

Dry cleaning and laundry services have different procedures and goals, but they can still collaborate to benefit business owners. As indicates, some locations are installing self-serve washers and dryers to attract additional clients from the related industry. This is particularly useful in urban areas with almost no laundry facilities.

Consumer demands continue to shift, so established industries like dry cleaning need to change as well. Industry participants can benefit from learning about these trends and adapting for the upcoming year.