The Main Differences Between General and Artisan Contractors

Artisan Contractor

Contractors are responsible for keeping the infrastructure working for a city and building a variety of buildings to house people and businesses. There is a difference between a general contractor and an artisan contractor. These differences require artisan contractors’ insurance to cover the specific liabilities artisans face.

General Contractor

Often labeled as the main contractor or prime contractor, a general contractor is the head of a team of contractors. They typically handle the communication between the end client and the contractor team. They are the point of contact and sometimes perform the work on smaller projects. The general contractor works as a project manager overseeing the project as a whole.

Artisan Contractor

As referenced on, artisan contractors cover a variety of fields from landscape to plumbing. These professionals are essential in completing a building for both function and beauty. When someone specializes in a particular piece of the construction business, they hone that specialty to an art. Artisans often work as subcontractors to general contractors to complete a part of a larger project. Some artisan contractors work alone taking their own projects and the inherent liabilities.

Artisan contractors’ insurance protects the experts working on your building. Ensuring their protection with a solid workers’ compensation program helps keep them safe and doing quality work general contractors rely on.