The Costs of a Dog Bite

Dog bites cost dog owners across the country millions of dollars each year. Far from being isolated occurrences, these incidents cut across geographical areas, income levels, and breeds of dog. The total cost of these injuries is staggering – over a billion dollars annually, only about a third of which is covered by homeowners’ policies. The remainder comes out of owners’ pockets. Dog bite insurance can help to cover the gap between what your homeowners’ insurance may pay and what you could be liable for in the event of a dog bite. Here are some facts to consider when deciding if you need to get a dog bite quote:

  • The average dog bite claim is over $25,000.
  • Most bites occur on the victim’s face, which may necessitate plastic surgery or extensive reconstruction.
  • Most dog bite victims are children.
  • In most cases, the owner is automatically liable for the pet’s behavior and any harm caused by it.
  • Homeowners’ insurance companies may drop you in the event of a dog bite claim.
  • Even homeowners’ coverage amounts that seem large can be exhausted quickly in the event of a lawsuit, which can easily cost over $100,000.
  • Your existing insurance may exclude certain breeds that are considered more likely to bite.

A dog bite quote can help you determine how best to protect yourself financially in the event that your dog should bite someone. While it may seem unlikely, it only takes one unexpected incident to expose you to grave financial risk.