Take Your Temporary Staffing Insurance Policy to the Next Level

Temporary staffing companies have a multitude of policies that they need to consider when ensuring that they are fully protected against client and employee claims. Because of the precarious position of employee contracting companies, there may be a number of potential risks and holes in your current policy. While you may already have general and temporary staffing liability, there are some additional policies that you may need to consider adding to your temporary staffing insurance policy.

Employment-Practices Liability Insurance

There are many factors that you do not have control over when it comes to the welfare of clients and staff. However, you may be liable for a number of activities that happen in the offices and jobsites of your clients. Therefore, it is important that you are protected against lawsuits that result from these issues. Employment practices liability insurance protects you against termination of employment claims, discrimination, sexual harassment, employment refusal, retaliation and other common claims. This type of policy can help ensure that you are fully covered.

Additional Insurance

Any staffing business may require a range of other policies, so you want to make sure that you are addressing the specific needs of your business. As a result, you may want to look into commercial auto or property coverage. It may be particularly pertinent to look into crime coverage. You are sending a wide variety of individuals into a number of different businesses, and there can be a great potential for theft.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that all you bases are covered when crafting your temporary staffing insurance coverage. There are a number of risks involved, and you want to be prepared to handle them.