Tailored Policies to Meet Your Needs

Directors and Officers for Non Profit Companies
Directors and Officers for Non Profit Companies

One of the challenges of working in a particular industry is finding partners who will understand your needs. When it comes to insurance, however, a reputable insurance agency will know how to tailor liability policies for unique needs. In each case, it’s the people in charge who take the biggest responsibility, from the chairman of a non-profit agency to an executive director at a major financial institution. The structure of the organization and its responsibilities to clients or constituents may dictate how policies are written. For example, after meeting with the management at an education policy non-profit, the insurance agency may arrange a policy package including Directors and Officers for non profit companies.


What a Specialist Offers


Although the officers of any major company should understand that litigation is a part of the business landscape in the new millennium, they may not understand how to properly protect themselves. It may be easier to focus on the exciting part of their mission or the new technology they are piloting. That’s why they should partner with a great insurance agent. Such an agent can help them in multiple ways.

Consider the following services:


  • Policies like Directors and Officers for Non Profit Companies
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Risk management consultation


What the Policies Cover


Directors and Officers for Non Profit Companies are necessary policies that help protect the board and officers of a company or agency. A well written policy will protect their personal assets, as well as reimburse directors for costs incurred by claims against them. Also, the policy should protect the actual company when it is named in a claim. A liability insurance specialist can explain the details and tailor a package for any firm’s needs.