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Program Business

Whether you’re an independent insurance agent or an insurance carrier, you need to be in touch with industry trends across the country, and in some cases, the world. Reliable insurance news can assist you in predicting future business and where you ought to focus your marketing and sales efforts. Likewise, it can help you determine which sectors or regions to avoid or cut back on.

News To Look For

In addition to financial news that affects insurance, such as the rise and fall of the stock market, there are other types of press releases and announcements you should keep your eye one. Some examples include:

  • Weather reports. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires drive insurance rates and in some instances cause insurance carriers to pull completely out of a geographical area.
  • Cybersecurity reports. Insurance policies cover stored customer data. Breaches in security or malware affect liability insurance rates.
  • Reports on technological advances. As drone usage increases and self-driven cars are further developed, potential new areas of insurance move to the fore.
  • City and state ordinances. The legalization of pot is one instance of a local ordinance that changes insurance markets.

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