What Does Small Business Insurance Cover?

small business insurance in florida

As a business owner, you have a lot to protect. In addition to managing your company and employees, you want to make sure that you control your risks and protect yourself financially. Small business insurance in Florida covers a variety of potential risks you could face.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage protects your business in the event you face a lawsuit. General liability protects you if you are sued over negligence or an injury or accident that occurred on your property. Professional liability gives coverage for lawsuits over negligence, errors, or emissions related to a service you provide. Employment practices liability covers you in the event that an employee makes a claim over discrimination or other employment-related issues.

Property Insurance

Small business insurance in Florida also protects your company’s physical property, including buildings, equipment, and insurance. The causes that are covered vary between policies.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance provides medical benefits and compensates wages for employees injured on the job. This is an important part of protecting your company’s workers.

Though you face many risks as a company owner, having small business insurance provides coverage for your exposures and mitigates potential financial catastrophes. With a wide variety of coverage options, small business insurance can be flexible to fit your business specific needs.