Safely Ride in Winter on Your Motorcycle

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For some, the motorcycle may be their only form of transportation, especially on their commutes. Worldwide motorcycle insurance steps in when there is an accident, but safe driving can help you avoid an accident. With winter on its way, these tips can help you ride safely as the weather conditions turn cold and slick.

Tow Service

It is a good idea to have a tow service in mind in case you are in an accident. The last thing you want to worry about is whos going to come to pick you up. Not all towing companies pick up motorcycles. The experts at moody insurance worldwide offer optional towing coverage.

Proper Gear

On a motorcycle, there is no protection from the elements including the bitterly cold wind and pelting pieces of ice. A helmet protects your head, lined jackets keep your core warm and gloves keep your hands from freezing on the handlebars.

Slow Down

When the temperatures fall, cold tires do not have the same amount of traction. It is imperative to slow down and drive cautiously in winter weather. Every time you stop, those tires lose any heat gained during the drive forcing you to start over with cold tires.

Safely driving in cold weather keeps you safe. When an accident does happen, worldwide motorcycle insurance steps in to help cover the costs of collision and injury.