Public Entities Face These Four Challenges

public entities insurance

Todays public entities face a myriad of challenges. Having a public entities insurance policy can help these governmental organizations with these four.


One immediate challenge for many public entities is the infrastructure. Several water systems, electrical grids and roadways have only been repaired over the last few decades. Many of these systems need a substantial upgrade.


Many public entities are turning to new technologies to run various aspects of the government. However, these handy software programs that help keep track of things such as water bills can also invite criminals looking for personal information data.


For some entities, keeping up with the latest technologies has been elusive. Some entities simply do not have the funds to have the newest tech even if it can help reduce liabilities in other ways.


Governmental organizations need a tailored public entities insurance plan that responds in innovative ways to their unique risks, as seen on Daniels. A key way that insurance helps public entities is by handling some of the legal and financial headaches caused by eroding tort caps.

Protecting the governmental organization with public entities insurance can help reduce the burden caused by these challenges. Insurance works with other aspects of the risk management policy to minimize liabilities while still serving the public.