Protecting Your Restaurant From Risks

restaurant risk management
restaurant risk management

The workplace hazards that occur in a restaurant are very unique to the industry. The kitchen equipment and facilities are frenzied, and the fast-paced nature can lead to accidents. Even the dining room itself presents liability issues due to patrons who consume too much alcohol or slips and falls that may occur. While operational risks can be better controlled with sound strategies, putting the right restaurant risk management insurance coverage in place is the only way to ensure that your business will be fully protected should an incident occur.

What are Common Types of Restaurant Insurance?

Commercial general liability – Liability insurance is necessary to protect your restaurant from property damage, personal injury and even damages that can occur should you be sued for false advertising. It also protects your restaurant from claims that result from slips and falls, as well as sicknesses that may occur from eating a meal at your establishment.

Liquor liability – If an intoxicated person gets out of hand and causes damage in your restaurant, this insurance will help cover the damages. If your restaurant sells liquor, the state laws likely require your business to carry liquor liability insurance.

Auto liability – When restaurant employees drive a company car, auto liability insurance is needed. It protects damages that can occur when an employee drives while on the clock. Restaurants that offer delivery services should maintain their auto liability coverage.

Protect your establishment by contacting an insurance agent who can discuss in detail the restaurant risk management coverage they offer.