Protecting Seniors and Staff at a CCRC

CCRC professional liabilities
CCRC professional liabilities

As the population of aging and senior citizens continues to rise, so does the need for quality care and living facilities. It is estimated that over 70 million people in this year alone, will live longer and healthier lives than those of the previous generation. While this means higher quality of life and more opportunities to experience activities and travels, it also means that more senior citizens will require health care and places to live. This has led to the creation of Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Alongside health care and employee safety, there is a great demand for CCRC professional liabilities programs to ensure secure environments for everyone.


The Basics of a CCRC


A Continuing Care Retirement Community, (CCRC), is a home for those transitioning from work to retirement and eventually into an assisted living facility. Each CCRC provides independent and assisted living that evolves as a person’s life evolves. Some CCRC facilities even provide skilled health care in a senior’s home. This equate to elders remaining in their homes while receiving care and enjoying social outings.


Quality Protection and Management


Like any health care facility or business, it is important for these care centers to maintain CCRC professional liabilitiesprograms. Common components of these programs include coverage for:


  • Worker’s compensation
  • Commercial property
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Business automobiles
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Risk management


When facility directors choose CCRC professional liabilities programs with these essential coverages, the senior residents and clients, as well as the employees, can work in safe environments that provide security and satisfaction.