Protect Your Employees Wherever They Are

temporary staffing insurance

Protect Your Employees Wherever They Are

Temporary staffing services are there for their clients to provide workers for a limited time. Temporary workers help fill temporary positions and can supplement the workforce. When you supply workers, you have to supply benefits to those who work temporarily for other businesses. No matter where they are, you are still liable for their actions. Not only do you have to protect the other company but also you have to protect your staff. This is why you need temporary staffing insurance.

Insurance Coverages

Your employees perform a wide variety of jobs. It’s best that you take into account that there may be several coverages available to you. Most policies will protect against the following:

Bodily injury
Property damage

In addition, you need to protect the other business just in case one of your employees causes any property damage, steals or harms a client. Some of the coverages to consider include:

Commercial general liability
Employee practices liability
Employee theft coverage
Errors and Omissions coverage
Workers compensation coverage

As someone who employees people to work temporarily at another site, you do have different needs than a normal business. Business insurance is crucial to all companies, but when you have a staffing company, you particularly need to invest in temporary staffing insurance.