Protect Your Business with Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance


Talk to any medical or legal professional and they will tell you all about the importance of miscellaneous professional liability (MPL) insurance. Those professionals know it as errors and omissions coverage, or malpractice insurance and will tell you to be a solid MPL hunter when you’re looking for a policy.
At a high level, miscellaneous professional liability insurance will protect your business by providing coverage when someone decides to sue you based on an alleged professional error. The policy layers in another level of protection by covering judgments levied on the business.

Doesn’t My General Liability Insurance Protect Me?

Many organizations make the mistake of assuming general liability coverages will protect the company against professional mistakes. This can be an expensive assumption since many general liability policies do not cover professional mistakes, even if the work causes property damage.
The right MPL policy will make sure you are protected from on-the-job mistakes. Those mistakes might include:

Incomplete work
Poorly performed work
Employee mistakes
Missed deadlines

Review Your MPL Policy Before You Sign

One question you might have for your MPL insurer is whether they can provide you with a designated lawyer. This little addition can help out a lot if you encounter a customer lawsuit. Legal counsel will know your company and the situation well. But many policies will also cover the cost if you have to hire your own lawyer.
If the idea of finding the right MPL coverage seems daunting, don’t be afraid to seek out help from professional organizations like Huntersure. Experts will help you sift through information to make the right decision.