How to Protect Your Staffing Firm and Your Employees

employee liability

As the owner of a staffing firm, you know that looking after both yourself and your employees is important. Both in-house and temporary employees deserve fair treatment and proper protections, but you should also keep yourself covered in case they bring claims against you. When you and your employees are protected, you run a better business. Learn how insurance can help.

Protect Yourself In Cases of Discrimination and Harassment

One of the best insurance solutions for protecting your business in particular business is called employee liability insurance. In a nutshell, this policy protects your business against claims regarding wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination. Here are some aspects of the policy:

  • Includes clients of your service
  • Broader definition of claims
  • Duty to defend
  • Coverage for wrongful business environment

It’s possible for your employees to become a liability, so make sure you have this protection set in place.

Protect Your Employees In Cases of Injury or Death

An effective way to care for your employees is making sure they have workers’ compensation benefits. It’s actually a required policy for many businesses if you have a certain amount of employees. This policy covers medical expenses, permanent disability, and death benefits.

Get Covered

Make sure you have all of your risks taken care of by a professional insurance provider. Get the protections you need to succeed.