Picking a Group for Your OCIP Program

With OCIP programs increasingly on the rise, you have many choices for who you work with. Several groups specialize in wrap ups and although the mechanics are usually the same wherever you go, the experience differs depending on which group you choose. Some groups offer just the insurance package while others act as a collaborative partner. If you don’t like the administrative side of insurance, you might like this aspect. There are companies that help with credit negotiation for subcontractors, as well as ensure that every worker follows the procedures of the wrap up. A good group may also reinforce the safety polices.

The group you pick for your OCIP program should have plenty of experience in your area of work and be recognized as professionals in the insurance industry. Their claims department should be experts on construction risk, as this may help you save money if claims do come up. It’s typically a good idea to interview your wrap up group the way you would interview a contractor. Ask about their experience and past projects and expect them to ask you questions about your previous experience with wrap ups.

The group you choose determines your experience with an OCIP program. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find a group that meets just about all of your insurance needs. Look into groups in your area to see what they can offer your company.