What Is the Nurses Service Organization?

nurses service organization

The Nurses Service Organization is helping individual nurses get the coverage they need. Although most nurses will already have coverage through their employers, they often need a little bit of extra coverage that comes when they have individual policies. In some cases, nurses and their employers have conflicts of interest that get in the way of the company insurance protection. The good news is private insurance policies can protect nursing students, clinical nurse specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners and legal nurse consultants.

The nurses organization is providing a way for these professionals to work in a safe environment. If you are in the nursing field, you could find that private insurance gives you more coverage than what your employer has to offer. You could also find protection if you are moonlighting. Differences in opinion could occur between two different employers, or you might not have protection at all with one of the employers. Either way, your own professional liability coverage can help in the case where two employers are trying to point blame somewhere else.

As you can see, there are some important things you need to understand as a nursing professional. The Nurses Service Organization is available to help you obtain the coverage you need to work with peace of mind in knowing you have protection when you need it.