Malpractice Insurance for Lawyers

Many business owners know that they need to have liability insurance, but did you know that many professional services are not covered under this policy? That means that lawyers need extra protection. Malpractice is a negligent act that causes monetary damages to the lawyer’s client. Lawyer’s malpractice insurance in PA will help give your law firm the extra protection that you need.

Malpractice insurance will protect you and the lawyers in your firm from claims of malpractice. This means that if a client feels that they have been wronged your insurance company will defend you. You don’t have to pay for the defense because you’re already paying for the insurance. It also means that your insurance company may help pay the damages to the client.

Malpractice insurance is good for you and it’s good for your clients. If you or another lawyer in your law firm make a mistake, your client can get compensation. It won’t hurt you because you have malpractice insurance, and it will help them through a difficult time. It is harder for a victim of malpractice to recover damages from a law firm that does not have malpractice insurance, but it isn’t impossible. If you don’t have this insurance one of two things will happen–you’ll get sued and have to pay out of pocket or your client will be unable to get the payment they deserve.

Lawyer’s malpractice insurance in PA is a good purchase because it protects you and your law firm as well as your clients. Mistakes happen, but they don’t have to take a toll on you or anyone you’re defending. Get malpractice insurance today to make sure that everyone is protected.