Keeping Up With Commercial Vehicle Licensing Requirements

Commercial Vehicle Licensing

During the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting nationwide lockdowns, commercial trucking is providing a vital lifeline for millions. To keep all of those trucks carrying crucial supplies on the road, transportation firms must maintain a variety of vehicle licenses and insurance coverage for commercial trucks.

Insurance Requirements

Requirements can change based on the type and size of the truck and what it is carrying, and can even vary between states. Keeping up with those requirements is critical not only for trucking firms but for the many members of the public dependent on the materials and goods they are delivering.

Information Resources

Transportation firms should look to the U.S. Department of Transportation for the most up-to-date information, but a good commercial vehicle insurance provider can be helpful as well. They are usually the most informed and accessible resource when determining what kind of vehicle licenses are necessary as well as how much insurance coverage for commercial trucks is needed.

This is especially important if firms are repurposing trucks to haul different content in the event of a crisis. Consider, for example, that a truck hauling dry goods requires different specific coverage than one that is refrigerated or one that is hauling fuel.

Truck drivers have been some of the unsung heroes of the recent pandemic. Keeping them on the road and protected is something that benefits us all.