Insurance Options for Equestrian Events

equestrian event insurance

There’s a certain amount of risk involved in hosting any kind of special event that involves people. When a special event also involves a one-thousand-pound animal, the risk increases significantly. If you host any sort of events that involve horses, you probably want to look into equestrian event insurance.

Below is a list of the most common equestrian events offered around the country.

  • Rodeos
  • Parades
  • Horse Shows
  • Horse Races
  • Riding Instruction
  • Guided Trail Rides
  • Equestrian Center Tours
  • Livestock Clinics

There are several different types of coverage that you may want to consider if you offer any of the above events.

Commercial General Liability

This is the most common type of coverage, it will help cover expenses incurred for anything deemed to be your responsibility.

Property Damage

You will almost certainly want to look into property damage coverage if you’re working with horses. Large animals can create a great deal of damage to most structures.

Accidents and Catastrophe

You can’t plan for accidents and catastrophes, but if they happen you will be very grateful you had this type of equestrian event insurance coverage. If your event occurs in a flood zone, you might need to look into separate flood insurance as many accident policies don’t cover flooding.

Athletic Participation

Athletic and sporting events pose a unique type of liability as there is a much higher risk of injury.