Insurance for Your Music Venue

RMS Hospitality Group

Generally, music venue insurance covers your venue’s property and physical assets as well as the legal liability related to your patrons’ experiences. Here are five types of insurance often included in providers’ programs.

  1. Assault and Battery Liability. Assault and battery claims can involve patrons, performers, and others, both on and off your property. It’s important to invest in this type of coverage since on- and off-property violence victims can sue you.
  2. Excess Liability. Many providers offer excess liability insurance, a policy that provides higher limits on an original policy. Note, however, that it does not expand the outlined coverage.
  3. General Liability. This type of insurance provides coverage for general business risks in the music venue industry. It can protect you from claims involving bodily injuries and property damage.
  4. Liquor Liability. New York-based RMS Hospitality Group notes that “alcohol-related lawsuits typically are associated with serious injury or death.” It’s always a risk that an overserved patron at your venue may cause bodily injury or property damage. Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for these kinds of incidences.
  5. Product Liability. Are you planning on serving food at your venue? If so, consider investing in product liability insurance. It can cover spoiled or tainted food as well as associated medical expenses.

If you want more information on music venue insurance, contact a reputable insurance provider in your area. An experienced specialist can work with you to determine the right insurance program for your business.