Insurance Digital Marketing is Here to Stay


insurance digital marketing
insurance digital marketing

It’s certainly no secret that the Internet has changed the way that we do business. Stores that have brick and mortar locations still make most of their items available online at their websites. People seem to enjoy the ease that shopping at home allows, saving them precious time to perform other necessary tasks. The insurance industry is no different and the insurance digital marketing world offers insurers many ways to reach out and serve their customers.


The Internet is an endless source of marketing potential


Opportunities for innovation will continue to emerge as the numerous ways to inject Internet marketing into the business model increases and the culture of interactivity grows larger. Through the use of personal websites, social media sites, email, blogging, mobile optimization, and directory listings it becomes easier to stretch a company brand across many platforms which simply means increased exposure, which can only lead to more opportunities.


Start with a smart website design


All roads lead to the website, so don’t disappoint visitors by giving them something that is less than stellar. That doesn’t mean it needs to have music and flashing lights. It simply means that it should be easy to navigate, have useful information, highlight new products and services and be interactive, allowing for quick responses to questions, blogs and articles that offer pertinent up-to-date information, and a not-too-complex call to action.


The digital channel is arguably an insurer’s most flexible, efficient and scalable way to market and create business. However, despite heavy investment in using these valuable marketing tools, insurers are still struggling to develop an integrated approach to digital marketing that supports their individual business goals. While the technology is there, there still is a need for a sound approach, which requires a combination of business understanding and marketing savvy.


Used effectively, integrated digital marketing can enable a carrier to build better customer relationships, grow market share and drive growth. Carriers that develop an effective integrated insurance digital marketing strategy can:


  • Acquire and service customers


  • Gain insight into customer needs


  • Offer targeted products to consumers


  • Invest in a sound distribution strategy


  • Increase revenue and reduce costs, and


  • Increase customer retention

By making these factors part of the essential game plan, any insurance agency can increase their potential for success. The Internet is likely to be a part of any long-term strategy for years to come and the better the utilization, the more likely the desired results.