How Series LLC Prevents Loss

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Florida dog insurance reviews
Delaware series llc

The state of Delaware made certain changes in early 2010 that increased the flexibility of cell type captive structures. It also made these structures more premium efficient. Similar to a protected cell captive, these series limited liability captives (first known as Delaware Series LLC) are separate legal entities that are able to have multiple units under one name. This gives the separate units an independence, both in operation and liability. In other words, the assets and property of one series business unit (SBU) are separate from the liabilities, debts, and other financial and legal obligations of the other SBUs in a Delaware Series LLC.

Other SBU Advantages

Even better news for Series LLCs, series business units are not obligated to pay premium tax. Both regulation and cost are flexible factors for Series LLCs and there exists an ease of access, entry, and exit into captives. Separate SBUs can utilize the assets at their disposal with increased efficiency and effectiveness. This is because SBUs only need to cover the areas for which they are individually at risk. This eliminates non productive capital and increases profit margins for businesses. These components can be configured and structured in order to eliminate or, at the very least, limit the fiduciary duties of a business. To find out more about Delaware Series LLC, SBUs, and other solutions, go online. There you will find many sources for information regarding these business solutions.