How Aegis Specialty Insurance Company Can Protect Unique Items

Aegis Specialty Insurance Company focuses on providing security and coverage, primarily for homeowners and for automobile and life insurance. However, the company also has policies for unique or special products offered by specialty agents. This form of policy is used to provide protection for items that are not usually covered under general policies because of some unusual aspect.

Motorcycles and travel trailers are among the unique items often covered, however, there are also smaller items that many do not think to have covered. If you have an expensive piece of jewelry, it may be covered by general homeowner’s insurance, but if you are traveling and the necklace is stolen or broken, it is no longer covered. In this circumstance, you would need the help of a specialty insurance company for a policy that would protect your items while traveling.

Many collectors use specialty insurance policies to insure their collectables when the antique is worth more than where it is currently stored. If you have a homeowner’s policy that covers a certain amount of damages and you have a famous historical document that has been appraised to be worth far more than the home you have it stored in, the document could be covered under the policy but only for a certain amount. In other words, should the home burn down and the document is lost in the fire, the money received for the damages would not come close to the amount that the document alone was worth.

When the amount of the loss of precious heirlooms and unique antiques are considered, seeking the help of Aegis Specialty Insurance Company is a good option to make sure your items are covered in a catastrophe.