Handling Politics in the Workplace

Nonprofit Organization

The country is almost equally divided in the political arena and tensions regarding the upcoming presidential election are bound to spill over into the workplace. You may think that you are protected by the First Amendment, but if you work for a non-profit organization, there are strict guidelines for what you can and cannot do on company time. Source: https://visvolunteers.com

Employee Behavior Regarding Political Activity

Managing politics in non-profit organizations are mandated by 501(c)(3) for tax-exempt companies, which prohibits employees from using company resources to endorse or oppose a political view or candidate. This can include such things as:
Using the office copier to make flyers for a candidate
Allowing company email addresses or telephone numbers to be used when conversing with a political campaign or candidate
Finding potential campaign donors among the organizations member lists


Non-profit organizations can ban political discussions and other controversial topics during workhours. Any discussions related to working conditions or labor would be excluded from this rule, however.


Companies may prohibit employees from posting campaign banners in their workspace or around the office. Clothing that supports a candidate or political affiliation may be discouraged by implementing a neutral dress code.

Restrictions regarding politics in non-profit organizations can be viewed negatively by employees, so making these rules part of a more neutral policy may be a good idea. With the dangers involved in liability, insurance to manage this risk also makes good business sense.