Gator Crossing

Cruising through the everglades with the top down. The sun in shining, the birds a singing, one song ends abruptly and the snap of alligator jaws, and you don’t have a care in the world. Until that alligator decides it needs a post-snack nap on the nice warm road and you, being the kind-hearted, gator-loving samaritan you are wrench your car out of the way and into a ditch. Now you’re miles from home with a wrecked car and no insurance. You should have looked for Orlando car insurance companies before you left the city.

Car accidents hurt, and having to pay out of pocket can hurt even more, not to mention the legal ramifications of driving without insurance. Of course, you would never do that. Time for a second take.

Before fueling up for your sunny drive and fun escape into the great Florida wilderness, you hop on your computer and look up Orlando car insurance companies. Now, not only is your ride shiny and new, it’s newly insured so feel free to wreck it to your hearts content. Okay, so there’s no contentment in wrecking your car, but now you can rest assured that if anything happens to it, even a scratch in it’s beautiful finish, you’ll be covered. Have fun cruising in safety. And watch out for gators. They like to hog the road.