Does Every Business Need Workers

If you own a business, one of your main priorities is likely to increase your bottom line as much as possible by minimizing your expenses. However, there are some expenses that should be a necessity. If your company does not already have PA workers comp insurance, this is one insurance policy every business really shouldn’t go without.

What it Covers

When one of your employees acquires an illness or becomes injured at work, your PA workers comp insurance policy covers the costs of their medical expenses and in some cases, a portion of their lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering. For example, if own a roofing business and one of your employees fell off of a ladder and broke his leg, your insurance would cover the cost of his medical expenses.

One of the best parts about this type of insurance is that it provides coverage regardless of who was at fault for the accident. For instance, if the employee who fell and broke his leg failed to abide by proper safety procedures while he was on the job, he would still be eligible for benefits.

Protect Your Business Today

Unfortunately, you never know when an accident could happen that severely injures one of your employees. Make sure that your business’ interests and finances are always protected against these uncertainties with a workers’ compensation policy.