Effective Dry Cleaning Business Strategies for Better Sales


Dry cleaning is a necessary service for tons of consumers making it a great industry to launch a business. The industry continues to evolve with new technology and addressing the needs of a changing demographic. A few tips can change your dry cleaning business strategy to boost sales.

Social Media

More and more consumers are using social media to find and engage with businesses. The sharing features of these services allow your business to capitalize on the word of mouth advertising that gets your name into the mentions of more people.

Guerrilla Marketing

Those with a limited budget can benefit from guerrilla marketing tactics. Sponsor a discount event for a month such as free costumes in October. These unconventional techniques get people in the door to take advantage of more than just the free or discounted service.

Add Services

Capitalize on the new technologies by adding additional services. If possible, add a delivery and pick-up service or rug cleaning for businesses. Focus on bringing more environmentally friendly services to the business and advertising those benefits to consumers. As seen on www.iwains.com, services can include uniform rental, self-service laundromats, linen supply, and dry cleaners.
Any solid dry cleaning business strategy needs to include insurance to cover current and emerging risks. These strategies can increase the sales for your dry cleaning business and grow your business.