The Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage to Consider

auto insurance in Virginia

If you are looking into getting auto insurance in Virginia, you should know about the different types of coverage options available to you. Each of these covers different things, so it is important to be aware of them before you make a decision.


This is the most important kind to have because it fully protects you from legal and financial consequences when an accident takes place and affects another driver or car. If you cause damages to others while on the road, this will take care of that.


The second thing that you should think about when getting auto insurance in Virginia is collision. This will pay for anything that happens to your personal vehicle. Be sure to choose a deductible that works for you. The higher it is, the lower your premium will be. This is something to consider if you are financially able to do so.


Considered an extension to collision, this takes care of your car when damages occur from things like bad weather, fire or theft. Anything can happen, so it would be wise to have this as well.

Having insurance is very important and is the law in most states. The types of coverage you choose now can save you a lot of money in the future if anything happens to you while driving.