Dangers of Data Breaches

Many people store sensitive information online. Such information includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, and biometric data. This has prompted criminals to hack into certain platforms and attempt to steal such data. Business owners must understand that identifying a data breach and stopping it as soon as possible can save them time and money in the long run.

Types of Threats

There are three notable kinds of cyber-based threats. One threat is a web application attack; such an attack occurs when criminals take advantage of vulnerabilities that arise from improper coding. Cyber espionage affects high-tech companies, government agencies, and defense organizations; this sort of espionage aims to steal intellectual property and classified information. Point-of-sale attacks impact retail establishments; hackers will utilize malware to access credit and debit card information.

Forms of Protection

There are a variety of ways business owners can protect themselves from cyber-attacks. First, they can take precautions when opening emails and email attachments. Second, they can make sure that they update their operating system and software regularly. Third, they can back up all of their files. Fourth, they can replace their hardware every five years. Fifth, they can install a firewall system. Lastly, they can encrypt their sensitive data.

Cyber attacks are malicious but preventable. Individuals should do everything in their power to stop them from occurring.