Connecting With Your Customer Base

insurance advertising
insurance advertising

All businesses need to connect with their customer base and insurance agencies in particular need to keep the lines of communication open. If insurance agencies do not facilitate meaningful communication with their customers, then customers are not able to access the services they require and will look elsewhere for their insurance needs. Effective insurance advertising is the first step towards cultivating strong communication with customers and potential customers.


Customers Are Already Looking for Insurance Providers


Generally speaking, insurance customers already know about their fundamental coverage needs. Health, auto, and homeowners insurance are among the most popular policies. However, customers have coverage concerns that they want solutions to but do not know how to resolve. These are the customers that are most responsive to insurance advertising strategies.


Effective advertising strategies include:


  • Website development – The creation of an informative, user-friendly website
  • Telemarketing – Answering customer questions and following up leads on the phone
  • Email append – Developing value-rich email correspondence with opt-ins and other customized options


Working With an Experienced Marketing Agency


Insurance brokers, agencies, MGAs and other industry professionals can greatly benefit from working with a marketing agency that is experienced with providing promotional strategies. Marketers who are most familiar with the detailed nature of the insurance industry are best able to provide relevant solutions. Choosing to work with an experienced marketing agency will help insurance connect with their customer base in a whole new way.