Combining Insurance Can Save Time and Expense

If you need insurance to cover various types of groups with specialized tasks, a contract that includes multiple specialty insurance lines can ultimately save you money. Combining policies to create a multi-line contract can also keep coverage simple for the insured.

In the home health care industry, an all-lines policy can provide protection for not only for a company’s employees, but for its property and other assets as well.

Professional liability insurance is a key coverage for health care workers. Firms that employ nurses, physical therapists and medical technicians should have insurance to protect against malpractice claims for alleged mistakes or omissions.

As an example, Visiting Nurse Associations include a wide variety of care providers, from licensed health care workers to volunteers. A specialty line could take all of the different aspects into account, covering not only legal claims against them, but also worker’s compensation issues.

Hospice care could use insurance for similar kinds of action taken against them, when patients make claims regarding inadequate care.

In conjunction with those examples, a specialty line could include general liability insurance, which would cover damaged property or injuries occurring at a workplace.

Having specialty insurance lines combined will give your organization comprehensive coverage for the diverse types it may need. Joining all the policies into one will allow an insurance company to offset costs, which can end up saving you money as well.