Cannabis Salve: What It Can Do For You

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Fear or reluctance to use anything with the word “cannabis” in it still exists for many people. Thankfully, accurate information and an increase in education about the healing benefits of this powerful plant are minimizing the stigma. Topicals and salves that are infused with cannabis are an excellent way for leary users to start experimenting with the healing properties of cannabis. Salves will not result in any type of “high” that users experience with smoking or ingesting cannabis. Instead, it can simply alleviate pain and inflammation. Here are just a couple common uses for cannabis-infused salves like King Harvest’s Synergy.

Sore Joints & Muscle Spasms

The endocannabinoid system in our body is responsible for maintaining and regulating body functions including inflammation. Cannabis infused salves activate this system and begin the pain relief process. People who suffer from arthritis and other similar ailments are finding topical cannabis use to be effective at relieving discomfort and inflammation associated with joint soreness and muscle pain.

Alternative to Steroids

If you suffer from shingles or other autoimmune issues and want to find an alternative to pharmaceutical creams like steroids, give topical cannabis a try. Countless people who have turned to cannabis salves like Synergy find a huge improvement in their symptoms and feel better about using a natural form of pain relief. Of course, you always need to consult your medical provider before changing any element of your care.

Next time you meet with your healthcare provider, bring up your desire to try topical cannabis. It can be the start of something great.