Better Coverage for All Professionals

A solid insurance policy is one of the most important of all tools available to working professionals today. Without insurance, your practice might be at risk of considerable financial losses; many industries also require that practitioners carry a certain type of insurance coverage in order to participate in professional organizations and associations. However, not all professionals are adequately served by existing policies. This is why we offer the misc professionals program, a great option for those who find the coverage of other programs somewhat lacking. We can help your organization offer this attractive coverage program to your clients. With our help, you can provide your clients with the coverage they need to attend to the important work at hand.

A policy through our misc professionals program has many attractive features to recommend it. For instance, we can offer tailored E&O solutions to each of our insured clients. This allows our clients the freedom to respond more directly to the needs of the people they serve. With premium minimums and deductible minimums of only $2,500, we can develop a truly attractive package that will meet the needs of today’s hardworking professionals. Our lines of coverage also include cyber exposure and can help address associated legal fees, including IT, forensics, patient notification, and other essential actions.

With a little help from us and our exceptional misc professionals program, you can start offering more competitive coverage.