The Basics of Professional Liability Insurance for Dentists

When you decided to become a dentist, you were probably thinking more about oral care than running a business. The fact of the matter is, however, that in order to practice your profession you will need an office. Running a dental office comes with many unforeseen details. One such detail is professional liability insurance for dentists.


Dentists need professional liability insurance in case of malpractice claims. As with any medical profession, dentists are at risk of having a patient claim neglect or injury. These costly claims are on the rise against dentists. Even just one such claim can threaten your job, livelihood, and entire practice. You can protect these assets with a solid insurance plan.


A good insurance plan will fully cover the legal costs of a malpractice claim. It should cover your defense and regulatory state investigations. You cannot pay for these things on your own without the risk of losing your business. There are lawyers that specialize in defending dentists in malpractice suits, and your insurance can provide them. Many insurance plans cover claims made for services provided before your liability coverage starts. Having professional liability insurance for dentists ensures that your entire office is covered.


It might seem unfortunate that malpractice claims are part of the job of a dental professional. However, you can get ahead of the game by protecting your dental practice against such unfortunate cases with liability insurance. There are professionals who specialize in protecting your business so you can focus on giving patients healthy smiles.