Avoid Devastation After the Storm With Wind Insurance

Windstorm insurance in Florida is necessary for protection against damages that may be sustained during high wind weather events. These events include hurricanes and tornadoes. In Florida, there is a chance that your property could be severely damaged by the weather. Your first priority should be to protect yourself and your family, but what about your home or business? Structural loss can be devastating, and is not always covered under basic insurance programs. Windstorm insurance is an affordable way to help you recover from storm damage.

An insurance agent may be necessary to help you navigate acquiring windstorm insurance. Insurance companies may be reluctant to insure areas that are at a high-risk for hurricanes or tornadoes, as one weather event may result in an immense number of claims, causing a huge loss for the insurance company. If you live in a high-risk area, it may be necessary to acquire wind insurance from a government agency.

Your homeowners and business property insurance may not automatically include weather coverage. This should be detailed in any renewal paperwork, but overlooking this information could have horrible consequences. Windstorm insurance in Florida is separate coverage that must be added to any existing property insurance to cover losses arising from windstorms. An insurance agent will help you to be sure that your home or business is fully protected.