4 Ways to Effectively Manage Crowds

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An event requires an effective risk assessment for crowd management to keep things running smoothly. Without proper management, both staff and visitors can be injured or fall ill. These tips can help your event go off without a hitch.


As referenced on www.impactprograms, running an event that is both safe and enjoyable requires crowd management. Put up barriers to prevent people from going a certain way or keep visitors out of unsafe areas.


Improper lighting naturally causes issues especially when natural light fades. Use lighting to help guide visitors throughout the event as well.


Instead of having everyone enter at exactly the same time, stagger the process whether that is through multiple entrances in the beginning or offering staggered times. VIP visitors who pay more may get the option to arrive an hour early bringing in fewer visitors at official opening time.


Properly funneling the crowd to avoid a bottleneck lessens the chance of an injury. Providing multiple pathways to get around the facility allows for the crowd to spread out some. With less pushing and shoving in a small space, people can more easily move where they want to go.

Risk assessment for crowd management requires an understanding of the visitors to your event. Work with the space available to properly manage the crowd and help prevent injuries.