3 Ways To Help Clients Navigate Home Storm Damage

It’s difficult to navigate the depth of emotion experienced by those facing home storm damage, but there are a few simple things you can do to lighten the load for your clients.

1. Give Them Something To Do

Helplessness can be overwhelming, and often a to-do list is a cure. When it’s safe to do so, encourage your clients to make a list of the damage they have incurred. And ask them to take photos and videos of the damage before they try to clean up or fix anything.

2. Be Familiar With the Policy

No one wants to have to hunt down their insurance policy while dealing with home storm damage or struggle to read the fine print. The more familiar you are with your client’s policy, the more comfortable your clients will be relying on your expertise.

3. Communicate Next Steps

Navigating home storm damage is complex, and you are the expert. Make sure your clients know where they are in the claim process and what they need to do next before they call you. It’s one more thing off their plate and shows them you’re paying attention.

After storm damage, your clients look to you to help them get their lives back, and these simple steps can help you get them there with confidence.