3 Things To Know About Post-Accident Drug Testing

Getting coverage

Its estimated that more than half of workplace injuries occur as a result of employee drug or alcohol use. Its therefore critical that every business provide employees with a clear substance use policy. Including post-accident drug testing expectationsis one of the easiest ways businesses can protect themselves against the legal and monetary consequences of a workers compensation case.

1. Laws Arent Static

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, has taken steps to limit post accident drug testing in recent years. While they stress that testing is legal, they also make it clear that businesses should be careful, as testing can indicate that they are targeting an injured employee.

2. Marijuana Policies Vary

Marijuana is now legal in many states, but it remains recreationally and medically illegal in others. To avoid trouble, verify state laws before inquiring about an employees marijuana use.

3. Not All Tests Are Created Equal

Although less elaborate tests are more common, comprehensive 10-panel tests can detect more substances. Similarly, the most accurate method of testing depends on how long a drug stays in the system. A urine test will not tell you if a marijuana user smoked recently, as marijuana stays in the system for weeks, but a cheek swab can detect recent marijuana use.

Post accident drug testing helps businesses see where they stand when processing workplace injuries and potential workers compensation cases. Clear substance policies can deter usage and keep your facilities as safe as possible.