2 Types of Insurance Small Business Owners Need

As an owner of a small business, you know that you need all the financial help you can get. Without the right insurance policies, you could face serious losses should something go wrong. When it comes to small business insurance in New Jersey, there are two types that you should invest in as a protection to you, your employees and your clients.

Property Coverage

You probably have a lot of tangible investments that you need to stay in business. Property coverage can protect those items from theft or damage, ensuring that you can remain up and running no matter what. A policy can cover property ranging from your place of business to the products that you create.

Liability Coverage

You do not want to deal with a lawsuit, but they sometimes happen. With liability coverage, however, you can be prepared. There are three basic types of liability coverage that you may want to consider:

  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability

Each of these types of policies can protect the different factors that make your business work, from the products you sell to the professional services you offer.

Investing in the right small business insurance in New Jersey can make a big difference on your success. Don’t leave yourself and your company unprotected from loss. Working with an experienced agent can give you a better idea of which policies you need.