Adventure Traveling Guide

Thinking of going on an adventure holiday? Well we have some fantastic locations for you to check out. If you are stuck on what destination to pick then we have a great selection of places for you to at the very least consider.


Argentina has some great exotic locations for you to check out. Why not go and check out the amazing tropical rain forests. And if that is a little to hot for you why not hop on down to Tierrra Del Fuego to get a little sample of the Antarctic. Argentina is a great place to go if you are a back packer or climber. It is a country just filled with exotic wonder and adventure.

New Zealand

New Zealand is seen by many adventure seekers as the very ideal place for an adventure holiday. The reason for this is its amazingly vast terrain. No mater if you are looking to go mountain climbing, paddling, mountain biking you can do it all. Not only that you can do it all with a beautiful scenery. For you movie buffs you can even check out some of the locations that were used for the Lord of the Rings movies.

The North Pole

I know this one is way out there and you certainly need to be very wealthy to pull this kind of adventure off. If you want to go to the top of the world you are going to really have to pay for it. This is a challenge perhaps like no other. There are companies who if you have the money can plan the whole expedition for you. So while this is very expensive if you have the money it can be done. Just be ready to push your self to the physical limit.